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Click to this to a friend Opens in new window Julia Rothman Kio Stark has always talked to strangers — she believes these fleeting moments give us new ways to fall in love with the world. What does it strsngers to say a simple hello to a stranger you pass on the street?

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Random chat

Give people a chance to fill their own silences. Start looking around you. As an adult, Stranvers have always enjoyed engaging strangers in conversation, even just small snippets.

Maggie says she loves him. From the oak tree to the far bench?

The first step is to ask someone for directions. All of them. The contractor for the house shows up and thinks Maggie is Larry's wife.

Tell stories about it to friends and family. Share your notes, on your blog, your social networks, anywhere you write about your experiences. How do people use it in ways it wasn't intended for?

So they have an affair that involves meeting in secret. Anywhere you can linger and watch people who are not moving meer is perfect.

This will help you find likeminded people to talk to. Have some paper and a pen handy and keep your smartphone tucked away. If you are someone who spends the majority of your time in the minority, this experience may be as common as rain to you, and you may want to skip it.

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If they do, give their phone so you can call if you get lost. Even though it's possible to use our chat meetup service without registration, the most convenient way to use our chat meey is to become a member. Larry's wife is too hard-headed and practical and Maggie's husband isn't interested in having sex with her. This encouragement is what he needs from his wife but hasn't been able to get.

Define a territory for yourself: Are you going to walk around the block? You may have a wonderful, eye-opening experience. Talk to Strangers Before you start, feel free to prepare yourself by reading our mwet on guide on conversation topics when you meet strangers. Start recording before you pose your question.

Meet people and make new friends

How do people respond to your presence? Felix Anders is a neighbor who snoops around and finds out about their affair.

How might that interaction continue? He has a very bright wife, Eve. Sit still. The guide works well both in real life and in our chat rooms. If they do, ask them to draw you a map.

To view it. You Don't Belong Here: Choose a place you don't fit stranyers, where you are in the minority. You can try engaging and see how that goes. Ms Stark's book makes a case for how these brief interactions push us to see the stranger as an individual with all the human experiences that we carry.

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Give yourself a reasonable territory to traverse, something that will take at least five to ten minutes. Public Chat Rooms Our public chat rooms are free tobut you stangers an. This expedition calls for asking a stranger a disarmingly intimate question and then simply listening to what they say.

Do they smile? If this is not a regular experience for you, take note of how it makes you feel - how does it feel to be treated as invisible or as an outsider? Ms Stark's book makes a case for how these brief interactions push us to see the stranger as an individual with all the human expe I watched Kio Stark's TED Talk on this topic and that inspired me to read the book.

Shelves: popsugar-challenge This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

You want something that people can tap into in an immediate, visceral way. These sound like easy questions. Felix, in the meantime, makes a play for Larry's wife. Are they startled? What does it take to say a simple hello to a stranger you pass on the street?

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Both Larry and Maggie grow dissatisfied in their marriages. Sstrangers down your mind and understand where your assumptions come from. The camera is both a contrivance to permit the question and a little bit of mediation that allows people to open up. You can enlighten your friends and readers with your observations.

See a problem?

He tells Maggie that they shouldn't see each other for a while. If they give you their phoneyou call it. You can try strabgers engage, see how it goes.

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