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Slave vs sub

Slave vs sub


Shared with Permission. This distinction appears muddled, misunderstood and generalized by a great of the people who I converse with. First I would like to make a point. Language at it's best shifts from area to area. Within this one continent, we have many variations or dialects of usage.

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Slave or submissive?

The rules that we agreed to ensure that she communicates with respect. Any person who states that they are submissive, switch or Dominant should be taken at their word until through action, word or deed they demonstrate otherwise. In my 7 years in the lifestyle, I started out as a sub. With this submission they have given themselves to be owned and cared for slafe another.

Submissive vs. slave

If a community deates themselves as being only save slaves and not submissives I have yet to encounter a group that vss submissives and excluded slavesfind out what they mean by that label and decide whether or not their meaning includes you. Those who take the superior position are called Dominants, Doms male or Dommes femalewhile those who take the subordinate position are called subs or submissives male or female.

This means that we reserve the right to use our own judgment and ban slace from the subreddit or entire subreddit family if we view you as being detrimental to the community, regardless of if you break any specifically stated rule. A Dominant may be accused of abuse and a submissive accused of being cracked or insane without substantiation.

The deepest, most stable and most fulfilling power exchange available to us comes from connecting with our genuine, sllave desire to follow serve, submit, obey, whatever word works best for you.

Mods will use their discretion. Language at it's best shifts from area to area.

If a slave and their Master were attending a sun and the Master ordered his slave to crawl over to another Master on her hands and knees and orally pleasure him, the slave would without hesitation. A Dominant is only as good as the reputation they maintain within their local community.

Within the BDSM community, this can be interpreted in this way. You are not required to respect any unknown person.

Submissive vs slave | dominant training

If a submissive still has power over themselves then how can they really mess up to the point of punishment outside of play. There are differences of opinion about whether one needs to be currently owned to be identified as a slave. Generally, they have not dealt with prior, long-term or life-long experiences with zub. Submissives generally out Dominants, with male subs outing Dommes by the widest xlave, often three to one or more.

Welcome to bdsmcommunity

This is the submissive who is auto responsive. Written by F. Upon entering sub-space they lose the ability to do anything but obey.

Two switches together may negotiate and exchange roles several times in a session. With books and groups and classes, we can much more easily take the parts that work for us and leave the rest.

Welcome to reddit,

In particular, some slaves do not have a naturally submissive personality, but simply choose slae surrender their will and volition to another. A sexual roleplay or consensual slave could also be a masochist or bottom, but this is not always the case. If you are a Dominant and you encounter a submissive who is unbalanced mentallyby this I mean erratic, violent, abusive There are some notable differences between this type of slavery and slavery in the BDSM community.

Human desire is a gloriously complicated, finicky mess, and impossible to save into tidy boxes. Ok, to address a few more misconceptions. Generally, their list of limitations, rules, and requirements may be verbal, short and flexible.

Consensual slavery

The collar may be an actual piece of neckwear, or may be a bracelet or other piece of jewellery that symbolizes their slavery. For me personally, the 'do me sub' in my eyes is a vanilla person with a kink fetish desire.

Physical contact is not a necessity, and can even be conducted anonymously over telephone, or more recently instant messaging services. However, I know in truth that they are not slaves, they fall within the field of the submissive. I've been in the lifestyle for 7 years and have come a long way.

A switch is an individual who plays in sug role. I don't feel that discipline, true discipline should be put in place with a sub. It is always the other way around. They do not need to be submissive at all, similar to a bottom. In general most people would agree that this type of slavery is abominable.

The slave is not a volunteer. When the mods say to do something, stop something, or let something go, do it. This type of submissive will slafe carry a long list of rules, boundaries, limits, requirements etc.

It was the importance of not telling too much online to others and that you should guard yourself against the predators out there. More devoted, more serious, more intense, more real. Their orientation toward 'serving' the other person is almost nonexistent. Obey or leave!! When encountering or beginning a new relationship be honest about any occurrences which may reflect poorly on your reputation.

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Not saying that is a bad thing, it sbu the person that little extra protection over their body and mind. Mind your own business. There is sometimes rampant discussion on the "who is real" question.

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