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Roleplay groups on kik

Roleplay groups on kik


An enchanting Mistress that stood at the height of 5'4 with a moonlit complexion that was smooth to the touch. Such soft jadeite irises glistened as a beauty mark was positioned right below her left eye, making her appearance all the more attractive. Her body was that of a goddess;; petite yet curvaceous— A bewitching hour lass figure. Yes, she was truly beautiful however. Beauty did not save this lady from all the troubles the sadistic world had to offer her.

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Her body was that of a goddess;; petite yet curvaceous— A bewitching hour lass figure. It may feel less natural, but the experience can be very enjoyable.

General posts on roleplay questions and discussion are welcome in the stickied meta post, not as parent thre. Roleplay Family?

Her mother, being also a witch- Granted Alyssia her own gem, not only of immortality but, it was filled with white and black magic as well. Being able to hide your own capabilities and learning the other's abilities as well. Tend to die quickly enough Literate More like a Novel, this mode require a fair amount of text and details. What are the Rules?

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Rolleplay mode is rather unrealistic and off topic. This is a Mode that is mostly like for people that are prepared and do not like to waste time on potential cheaters or Godmodders. If informations are used against you, this would break the rules of Meta Gaming.

There is a time limit on how often you can post: Users seeking 1x1 RPs are limited to one submission per 24 hours. New World needs a lot more preparations.

Kik rp group

Obviously fetishistic and euphemistic content will be removed. Stars Rating Count: Description Ready to roleplay? Yes, she was truly beautiful however.

If you are advertising a group RP you are limited to once every 14 days. Words can be said normally whilst actions may require quotations to avoid confusion.

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I'm always around! Do not worry about getting your information used against youself since, even if the player has read your OC Sheet, his or her character doesn't know anything about yours. The Home is not complete yet so you might prefer using the top tabs.

Kok full version can be found here. The lenght of text is decently higher than the Casual Mode. NW makes the game less likable to be cheated.

This is meant so you have to improvise most of the parts. OneLiner Basically do not put any sort of details beside the direct action they are putting. Links to images, google docs, tumblr, social media, etc.

Casual Mostly short text for both speech and actions. Open groups helping the exchange of informations and creating what's known today as the Roleplay World of kik. Roleplay Romance? All depends on the player's preference. This count the active groups of roleplayers either they are open or closed. If all the posts in the top 10 that are for 1x1 RPs have 0 upvotes and all the rooleplay posts have multiple upvotes, this is considered griefing and is a bannable offense by Reddit.

Anybody want to draw me a yaoi related drawing?

Magic, both pure and evil dispersed at random. The world was against her and now? Well, we have just the place for you! Posts that have flair selected can be searched by selecting the appropriate icon below.

Help center

Suspected vote manipulation will be reported to the Reddit admins as this is a Reddit-wide rule. Semi-Lit More detailed than a Casual but less than a Literate.

One of the issues, is that the use of Copy Pasting is used a little and we may have to deal with users that use the information hidding to their advantage. Posts and prompts must be SFW. You are responsible for reading these before you post.

Anyone know any good rp groups on kik???

Grroups courteous and civil towards others. Casual is carefree and sometime random. Making up fake abilities to conviniently turn the game to their advantage. Or do you have an AU you want to share? This is a creative writing community to find like-minded people to collaborate on writing a story. This way, noone will be able to cheat their character. Making a Roleplay Experience very immersive and enjoyable.

Welcome to reddit,

Was your post removed? This includes everything from wildly inflated votes by passing links on to your roldplay for them to upvote, to consistently downvoting new posts. Not only directing the actions of your character but the involment of the enviromnent aswell.

His role will be to make sure both roleplah them use their preset abilities and avoid cheats as for break rules. It's when you go against someone and get to know eachothers information on the spot. This allow the players to go on blind about their oponnent and hide their own abilities.

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