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First time i saw cum

First time i saw cum


Hime was 10 and my friend was 11 and he let me watch him jerk-off. He thought his genitals had exploded due to over-excitement, and his sex life was over before it had begun. He had never heard of ejaculation. And I can truthfully say that no orgasm has ever been as wonderful as that first one.

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So, I decided to try what I had read about. When I saw this, I felt a little awkward because I knew that something had changed. I had no o how much came out, he explained how it made babies and that was so cool.

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Not only could I ejaculate, but also I felt myself moving from childhood into puberty. I was 10 and my friend was 11 and he let me watch him jerk-off. We got erections while we talked, and then he showed me how to masturbate. I don't remember having much of a reaction, because it was sad as I figured it would be. Then I discovered a new use for my dirty socks!

All in all cuum was exhilarating, and I have enjoyed seeing that part of me ever since. I had heard other boys talk about masturbating but had no idea what was about to happen. Then it began to feel good.

He jerked out of me and timw up and started coughing? Parents shouldn't assume boys would just figure it out on their own. We could feel the other getting erections; then all of a sudden he stopped wrestling with me, pulled out his penis, and ejaculated all over my shorts. Most males who had learned beforehand about sex and semen felt proud and happy to have passed this milestone of growing up.

It goes without saying that the next time we were alone together, I asked to see him ejaculate, and he obliged — even holding up his hand at the end for me to see as proof. My parents couldn't figure out why. forst

When was the first time you saw semen?

When I read up on it, I learned that I had to use lube to xum to an orgasm. When I opened my eyes, I saw that my penis was covered with a thick, white liquid. Thank you! I put it in and discovered that it was porn.

He took so long in there that I just opened the door and saw him standing with his pants down and his hand on his penis. I can still remember it like tije was yesterday, right down to the exact way it felt, lo these 44 years later.

First time you saw someone cum

When I was sitting in the tub later, I washed myself "down there" a little longer, since it felt so good. It all seemed very messy, and it was a nightmare getting back into my bedroom without my mum seeing the stains, but I very much wanted more. I rubbed his balls gently and he got better then begged me to never do that to him again. But then I learned from this site that most boys never even have a "wet dream. And I can truthfully say that no orgasm has ever been as wonderful as that first one.

I got scared, curious, and horny all at once, and about 3 seconds later I saw the "white stuff" shoot out the end of my penis onto my brother's bed. I was on the toilet masturbating. He told me that if I got the juice out that his balls were OK. I was at a family reunion at his house, and as he was the oldest cousin, I used to follow him all the time. What a pleasant surprise! I've never been grossed out if it got on me, I just had a strict rule of it NOT getting on my clothes!

We had our basketball shorts on and were on top of each other, rolling around on the carpet. Eventually I overcame this fear — but at a young age, I enjoyed my erection and viewed the movie often, eventually imitating with my hand what I saw in the movie and having my first masturbation session. It was dum funniest thing. The next day we did it again and he asked me if I had a period yet, I said no.

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Then he showed us. Anyway he asked me to rub them, so I did through his pants but did not know if I was rubbing his balls or not.

It kind of ruined the mood! By evening, I was back in the bathroom again!

We do not give warnings.

After his parents went to bed, my friend showed me how to firdt. I ran upstairs, got some baby oil, and started to do the "the infinitely deep vagina" technique.

Now I started to panic seriously. The orgasm wasn't any more intense than usual, but it lasted a few seconds longer. We do not give warnings.

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I knew then I was a "man" and yet wasn't sure about what to do with it. We can either keep you anonymous or acknowledge your donation on our Donate. We started making out, and the next thing I knew, he had my tank top off.

He pulled my hand to his ball sack and I felt them, they were so big and very tender. Even worse, it kept oozing out of me! That was when I saw my semen for the first time. I found it incredibly exciting but had to look away from time to time, and to touch him was just too much for me that first time. I went into the bathroom, started masturbating, and then ejaculated.

Women only -- what were your thoughts the first time you watched a boy/man ejaculate?

Ten minutes later, some of it was still oozing out! He did not explain anything; he just tome himself up and made me promise not to tell anyone about it. I followed him, and he told me to wait outside until he was finished.

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