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Chastity blog

Chastity blog


Our discussions generally felt constructive, and were probably aided by the euphoria of newer love, making us quicker to forgive and express empathy than we might have been otherwise. That lightness turned heavy as I read through nicknames and jokes cjastity similar to ones my husband had written to me.

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She seems to have the notion that there is no need to let me know when she might want to do something. The dedicated sightseers went off later to explore the nearby small town and bring back supplies and supper was a communal effort. She has dominate qualities and leadership ability but just as i have never been able to truly be submissive, she has never been truly dominate. And talking of blog, getting back to Richard and his locked-up-in-sunny-Italy little willy, chastity locking the CB on him I gave myself free rein to comment on and compare his enchaste state with my own freedom to be enjoying as much as I desired with Matt.

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All this takes time. Lion wants to do something. I was slightly concerned that all this interaction with Richard might put Matt off his game, so to speak, but he certainly seemed to be arriving at a state of full readiness while Richard was showering.

If one or both of you have struggled with addictions and sexual sin, a Catholic counselor can provide spiritual and emotional tools to facilitate healthy communication. It would be nice to just tell me that she would like to play an hour or two in advance. We are on a journey and it is great, some days i am frustrated and my balls are sore but when its time to play it is all worth it. chastit

Abstinence in preparation to encounter the lord

Christ, the ultimate beloved of our hearts, desires so deeply to share our heartaches and, moreover, to redeem them. The longer i go the stronger the submissive feelings become.

My refuge is the TV which rarely captures my full attention. This blog is vhastity my journey into caged male chastity and a female led marriage.

Now that i have finally found it i know that i do not want to lose it. That lightness turned heavy as I read through nicknames and jokes so similar to ones my husband had written to me. There are blo of days that i feel i am still not where i need to be. What I know now is that my asking to read that correspondence was neither healthy nor constructive. I had only slept for three hours on Friday night.

Most of us do. Lion is ready for anything. Working through these experiences together, with a counselor, helps cultivate trust, intimacy, forgiveness, and true peace.

It has to be learned and fostered. Even if sometimes it is hard for me. As you and your beloved work through your own past dating experiences on your path to the altar, here are other habits that have helped chastihy do the same.

Be real with yourselves about what purpose your inquiries and revelations serve. Our room, I chasgity explain, was a sort of semi split level affair set back almost into the hillside, with a main double bedded area up a few steps and a single bed at the lower level between the patio doors to the outside and the ensuite bathroom. So we try to find our comfort zone.

But i keep trying chqstity working at it. She knows I like to anticipate things. Lion will say I snoozed when she wanted to play. Slowly we are reading it together.

Help me trust in this certainty. It is a bit late for me, but at least I had an idea of what was coming and when. I quickly clicked the window closed. I have to constantly work on my ability to have sex and not cum.

She would shower at about 8 and by be ready to go. There is no part of me that does not desire to submit. Lion wants to play. With: 1 Comment Mrs.

I feel vaguely uneasy because I think today will be a repeat of yesterday and the days before: I will get bored and snooze. At least then I would be awake and ready.

This is not something you can throw a switch on and it work. While these are the dominant topics, the blog is about my life and will feature life events and ideas that are sparked by blogs I follow. Rooted deep in my soul is the knowledge that I have chosen, and been chosen by, a man entirely committed and faithful to me. Lion spends most of her time at her computer or iPad.

Road less traveled

I think in the begining i thought it was about play and begging for release. There is no expectation of ejaculation on my art or hers. Then I guarantee I would have been awake and ready.

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